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How to Datatable with ajax in Codeigniter

In this topics we will discuss how can we make data retrive by using Ajax with Codeigniter framework. In this system we will use DataTables Jquery plugin for display data in tabular format. Here we will implement DataTables server side processing by using Ajax using Codeigniter. Controller to View HTML Code Jquery Code (Datatable Plugin […]

How to use get_where in codeigniter

CodeIgniter is a framework based on MVC principles. As a result, you would usually separate application logic, data abstraction and “output” into their respective areas for CodeIgniter use. In this case: controllers, models and views. to get data using a where condition in Codeigniter you need to use below syntax. $this->db->get_where() allows you to create a SQL […]

How to Login with Facebook in CodeIgniter

Integrate Facebook login is the most used feature for today’s web application. Login with Facebook feature helps users to log into the web application easily. In this tutorial, we’re going to explain how to integrate Facebook login in CodeIgniter using Facebook PHP SDK with Facebook Graph API. Before you begin to integrate Login with Facebook […]

How to create login authentication in Codeigniter

This tutorial lays a strong foundation that will help you implement a better and stronger authentication system that will make it difficult for attackers to gain unauthorized entry. The tutorial starts with the theory followed by the implementation. If you are already familiar with the theoretical aspect and authentication best practices then you can skip […]

How to create array and insert record in mysql database using Codeigniter

I’ll share to you very basic tutorial with codeignter,here is inserting data toyou database.Oke make it simple,first of all you must create a table in your database obviously after create form and save create array and save data in database table. You may also like How to Add, Edit and Delete Records Using jQuery, Ajax, PHP […]