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How to Autocomplete Textbox Using jQuery, Codeigniter, and MySQL

In this tutorial, I will show you how to autocomplete search from database using Codeigniter and jquery plugin. We are going to pull in live search thing something similar to Google search. As soon as you start typing in the textbox, the related suggestions will appear from the database Steps For How to Autocomplete Textbox […]

How to integrate jQuery Fullcalendar using Codeigniter and MySQL

Today, I would like to share with you integration of jQuery full calendar events using Codeigniter and MySQL. Fullcalendar is jquery library that provide us to display calendar with events and more. Fullcalendar js provide year, month, week and day calendar for displaying. If you are working on event management, task management or any thing […]

How to get Average value in MySQL table column using Codeigniter

Codeigniter provides the select_avg method to get the average value in the MySQL table column. Writes a “SELECT AVG(field)” portion for your query. As with select_max(), You can optionally include a second parameter to rename the resulting field. Let’s create a select_avg method in codeigniter

How to Create Dynamic Excel File Using PHPExcel Library in Codeigniter

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create an excel file in PHP Codeigniter with help of the PHP excel library. The data of Excel will come through the MySQL database. Extract the zip file using winzip or winrar and save the phpexcel folder under the codeigniter application directory (application/third_party/(save paste your phpexcel folder […]

How to Integrate Payumoney Payment Gateway in Laravel 5

In this tutorial, I am going to explain How to Integrate Payumoney Payment Gateway in Laravel 5. Most of the things are already in PayU documentation I am just going to explain it in step so you will easily integrate without reading the whole document. In this example I have all values write static in […]