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WooCommerce free product: Display ‘Free’ instead of $0.00

There can be many reasons for listing free products on your Woocommerce store. It could be a sample, a free course or a giveaway. On the recent versions of Woocommerce, if you put zero in price, or leave the price field empty, it would show the price of the product as $0.00, which definitely doesn’t […]

Where to put my code: plugin or functions.php in WordPress

If the functionality is not related specifically to presentation of content, then it is squarely within Plugin Territory. This list is long: Modifying core WP filters (wp_head content, such as canonical links, generator and other HTML meta, etc Site Favicon Post-content shortcodes Post sharing links Google Analytics (and similar) footer scripts SEO tools/controls etc. If the functionality is related to presentation of […]