How to validate files using bootstrap validator

bootstrapValidator.js plugin gives client side validation without page refresh. We can use simply. validator.js plugin we can add validation in our PHP project, or any framework like laravel framework, codeigniter framework, symphony framework etc. This is very interesting and simple. You may also like How to Remote call using bootstrap validator and How to validate bootstrap form using […]

PHP array_slice() Function

PHP has a built – in function, array_slice() , that you can use to extract a range of elements from an array. To use it, pass it the array to extract the slice from, followed by the position of the first element in the range (counting from zero), followed by the number of elements to […]

WooCommerce free product: Display ‘Free’ instead of $0.00

There can be many reasons for listing free products on your Woocommerce store. It could be a sample, a free course or a giveaway. On the recent versions of Woocommerce, if you put zero in price, or leave the price field empty, it would show the price of the product as $0.00, which definitely doesn’t […]

PHP crypt() Function

The crypt() function returns a hashed string using DES, Blowfish, or MD5 algorithms. This function behaves different on different operating systems. PHP checks what algorithms are available and what algorithms to use when it is installed. Syntax

PHP hebrevc() Function

The hebrevc() function converts Hebrew text from a right-to-left flow to a left-to-right flow. It also converts new lines (\n) into. Tip: hebrevc() and hebrev() can convert Hebrew logical text (the Windows encoding) to Hebrew visual text. Hebrew visual requires no special right-to-left character support to be displayed properly, making it very useful for displaying […]