WordPress Widget section missing? Here’s the quick fix

Have you recently updated your WordPress, or it might have been automatically updated, and the you see your widget section has gone blank. All it shows is a white screen.

Don’t worry. You are not alone. This is happening with a lot of people and there’s a very simple fix to fix that.

Why my WordPress Widget Section is missing?

In the recent update, WordPress has redesigned the widget section. It now has a new interface with block editor design. However, many old plugin, especially plugins related to sidebar and widgets, have become uncompatible with the new version. This is causing widget section to disappear. To fix this, you need to bring back your old classic widget section.

How to get back classic (old) widget interface in WordPress?

WordPress has released a plugin for those who are not yet ready to switch to the new widget interface. You can install Classic Widgets plugin via your WordPress dashboard, or download and upload it manually.

There are no settings. Just install it and check your widget section, it must have been back.

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