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How to Currency Converter using PHP and Google API

Google is providing free of cost Currency Converter API to convert one currency into another currency type. Google Currency Converter API can implement any programming language. I am using PHP to create a currency converter application to convert real-time currency value from one currency type to another currency type. HTML Code PHP Code

Curtain Menu – HTML

We will also say Full Screen Navigation Overlay. One current trend in navigation styles that you may have seen is the full screen navigation overlay. With this type of navigation, toggling the navigation will overlay the menu across the entire screen. I wanted to demonstrate a very simple version of the overlay using JavaScript. <!DOCTYPE html> […]

How to Preview image before upload with dynamically created input file using Jquery

One thing that jQuery makes really easy is accessing and dynamically modifying the image preview before upload. In popular networking sites such as Facebook and Linkedin, you might have observed the feature called Image Preview. Preview images before the upload are the most required feature for file upload functionality. It helps the user to view […]

How to validate files using bootstrap validator

BootstrapValidator.js plugin gives client side validation without page refresh. We can use simply. validator.js plugin we can add validation in our PHP project, or any framework like laravel framework, codeigniter framework, symphony framework etc. This is very interesting and simple. bootstrapValidator.js Plugin HTML Code jQuery Code