How to use get_where in Codeigniter

CodeIgniter is a framework based on MVC principles. As a result, you would usually separate application logic, data abstraction, and “output” into their respective areas for CodeIgniter use. In this case: controllers, models, and views. to get data using a where condition in Codeigniter you need to use below syntax. $this->db->get_where() allows you to create […]

How to Integrate Payumoney Payment Gateway in Laravel 5

In this tutorial, I am going to explain How to Integrate Payumoney Payment Gateway in Laravel 5. Most of the things are already in PayU documentation I am just going to explain it in step so you will easily integrate without reading the whole document. In this example I have all values write static in […]

SMS Send using CodeIgniter

Following Detail Learn, how to integrate sms api in CI. Codeigniter libraries, plugins and helpers make easy to use add new functionality like include SMS. Requirements: Account/API key with Spring Edge SMS Gateway. SMS Sender Name provided by Spring Edge. A Working environment to run codeigniter. 1 step) Sign Up With Spring Edge SMS Gateway: […]

How to install PHPExcel library in Codeigniter

PHPExcel is a PHP library for reading and writing spreadsheet, csv, excel files. CodeIgniter is one of the well known PHP MVC framework. here is step How to Integrate PHPEXcel library in CodeIgniter. you can download php excel library form here. Download PHPExcel library. Unzip or extract the downloaded PHPExcel library files and copy Class […]