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Pick up Location and Drop Location line draw in google map API using javascript

Maps can be a very powerful tool when visualizing the patterns in a dataset that is related to location in some way. This relation could be the name of a place, a specific latitude and longitude value, or the name of an area that has a specific boundary like a census tract or a postal […]

How to Send HTML Form array in Codeigniter using Ajax

Now, when you simply submit your form the normal way, your browser takes care of sending HTML input arrays with ease and you can begin to segment your data on your server. This was an interesting complication that I ran into while making a form with dynamic related form fields. I was trying to capture […]

How to Auto Suggestion of User Name and Email Id Using Ajax ,Mysql, jQuery and PHP

In this tutorial we will create a auto suggestion technique for user registration that is applicable for both User Name and User Email Address. While registration time user registering their username in the username column, that time the same user name already exist in the database, for that we are creating auto generation of username […]

How to Dynamic Select Option Menu Using Ajax, Mysql and PHP

In this tutorial, we will show you how to implement relational dropdown of state to city using jQuery, Ajax, PHP, and MySQL. Means state is related to city. Based on changing of state & city will be fetched from the database without reloading the page using jQuery, Ajax, PHP, and MySQL. You may also like How […]

File Upload in Laravel 5 using Ajax With Form Data laravel

File Upload in Laravel 5 using Ajax With Form Data

Today, I am going to show you How to upload excel or image file using jquery Ajax in Laravel application. In this tutorial we are going to learn step by step example code of upload excel file using jquery Ajax form. HTML Code Ajax call with validation excel file Ajax call in Routes Routes Call […]